What is seal

Product Authentication Platform of the Future

Seal is the best way to verify the authenticity of your favorite products. Seal wants to bring back confidence to consumers and allow for brands to interact with their most heavily vested customers in the most direct way the internet has ever seen. Together, we build a better world in which consumers appreciate the creative work of makers and stop feeding the counterfeit economy and its disastrous effects on the world.

For Consumers – Your gateway to genuine products

Seal is your gateway to ensure you get genuine products from the brands you love, and to leave fakes with their devastating effect on the world. Seal empowers you to contribute to a more genuine place, enriched by brands that support your beliefs.

For Brands – Monetize your authenticity

People recognize your seal-embedded products as genuine. This lets you offer them the product experience you intended. Seal also lets you activate your brand, connect with your customers and monetize your products after the initial sale. Together we will increase the desirability and monetization of authentic brands like yours, at the expense of fake brands and heartless products.

Why seal

Out of Love for Creation

We believe the designers, artists, scientists, programmers and creators are the unsung heroes behind brands that make magic happen in our lives. The brands are the seal of these creators’ souls: they symbolise their blood, sweat and tears. Together they turn ideas into reality and add value to our culture by bringing us confidence, laughter and joy in life.

Therefore, we believe that we should cherish brands and its creators, protect them, encourage them to keep going and strengthen the connection between people and brands. We want to pave the way to a genuine and enriching world, without fakes or soulless products and their devastating consequences.

We aspire to ignite a renewed appreciation for the world’s most beloved and worthwhile brands. Out of love for creation.

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