Blockchain powered product authenticity and services platform

We protect the value of the world's most beloved brands.
Easily verify the authenticity of any product with a simple scan of a smart phone.

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Seal is a blockchain powered product authentication and services platform which will provide consumers and manufacturers with product trust.

Seal enables anyone the ability to confidently, quickly and economically verify the authenticity of any product which is Seal enabled.

The Seal proprietary technology utilizes NFC compatible Seal chips which can be effectively, securely and discretely incorporated with any physically manufactured product. Upon integration of the Seal chip, the product is paired with the digital counterpart on the blockchain. Verification of authenticity is instantaneous with a simple tap or scan with any smart device.

out of love for creation

The world is full of creators, designers, scientists, programmers and makers. They dedicate their lives to bring us the best.

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seal manifesto

buy with confidence

Be sure you get the product you expect. Recognize genuine products from fakes.


fight counterfeiting

Make the world a safer and better place. Fight against the financial support of cartels and dangerous products.


preserve value

Increase product value by adding supply-chain information and providing trust in the secondary market.

business model

seal explained

how does it work?

The Seal Network consists of several components, namely products with an embedded Seal-chip that uniquely identify physical products, the Seal-app installed on an NFC-compatible smartphone, and the Seal Platform, a blockchain-powered platform which records all this information.

Brands are the sole issuer of product-pairings on the blockchain. This way, brands can ensure exactly how many authentic copies are released. Disingenuous manufacturers are no longer able to produce imitations that can be passed off as authentic, because they cannot replicate the token.

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gateway to genuine products.

Seal is your gateway to leave fakes with their devastating effect on the world and get genuine products from the brands you love and support.