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Genuine products, connect with people

Ensure people can differentiate genuine products from fakes and will experience the true quality and brand experience as intended. Activate your brand, connect with people and monetize your products.

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Business model

Brands earn fees every time a new transaction is stored on the blockchain for one of their products. This is how brands not only justify the cost for outfitting their products with Seal-chips, it provides them a completely new profit stream from transactions made on the secondary market.

business model

Fight counterfeiting

Make the world a safer and better place.

Connect with your consumers

Use this new channel to directly interact with your consumers.

Additional direct revenue

Get an extra revenue stream for ownership transfers and other operations.

Increase product value

Increase product value by adding supply-chain information and providing trust in the secondary market.

Deliver your brand promise

Guarantee that your customers will experience the brand as promised.

Theft prevention

Stolen products will be marked and will lower the value on the secondary market

Track parallel trade

Track the origin of products and see where they are being sold

Product analytics

Get insights about your products like sales location and ownership transfers

Product recalls

Connect directly with you customers if there is a product recall.

business model

seal explained

how does it work?

The Seal Network consists of several components, namely products with an embedded Seal-chip that uniquely identify physical products, the Seal-app installed on an NFC-compatible smartphone, and the Seal Platform, a blockchain-powered platform which records all this information.

Brands are the sole issuer of product-pairings on the blockchain. This way, brands can ensure exactly how many authentic copies are released. Disingenuous manufacturers are no longer able to produce imitations that can be passed off as authentic, because they cannot replicate the token.

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partner program

Become a partner

The Seal Partner Program is for brand agencies who want to grow their business and strenthen their relationship with their brands. As an agency you get exclusive partner resources to implement seal and incorporate seal in your campaigns.

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partner program


Use the Seal backend to register and activate seal chips linked to your products. Add marketing campaigns and linked content to your products.


Get insights about your products like sales location and ownership transfers.


We provide an extensive API so you use seal from within your own app.